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Asgard Attack Hacked

Asgard Attack

Everything in shop is free.Build your kingdom, and train an unstoppable force wi...
Goblin Treasure Hunt Hacked

Goblin Treasure Hunt

Buying gives money.Gather gold, get the best gear and defeat all your enemies!
Switch Bot Hacked

Switch Bot

You jump higher.Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to find his way h...
Sword and Spoon Hacked

Sword and Spoon

Upgrades are free.Legends tell of a secret castle, stocked with food and guarded...
Asgard Story Hacked

Asgard Story

All items are free.Play as edward, the viking, in a random adventure rpg. Group ...
Puppet Ice Hockey Hacked

Puppet Ice Hockey

Buying upgrades gives cash.Play a 2D, miniature game of ice hockey. Score as man...
Robot Wants Kitty Hacked

Robot Wants Kitty

You are invincible.Find the kitty while collecting power-ups to avoid becoming o...
Catapon Hacked


All levels available ! Use a catapult to destroy your enemies with the least sho...
Ten Second War Hacked

Ten Second War

All levels unlocked.Replay the same ten seconds as each of several different uni...
Lethal RPG War Begins Hacked

Lethal RPG War Begins

You earn lots of cash after each battle.Journey on an epic quest with Lethal and...
Big Dig Treasure Clickers Hacked

Big Dig Treasure Clickers

Lots of cash.Discover hidden treasures from ancient English burial sites, Eygpt,...
Stacker War Hacked

Stacker War

Upgrading gives stars.Protect your castle from the raging orcs invasion !
Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack Hacked

Papa Louie 3 - When Sundaes Attack

You are invincible.Papa Louie has to fight off invading sundaes. Can you help hi...
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2 Hacked

Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2

All levels open. Use your stick to shoot the puck over obstructive objects into ...
Disease Warrior Rampage Hacked

Disease Warrior Rampage

Upgrading gives cash. In every drop of liquid millions of humans fight for their...
Dreaming Knight The Little hero Hacked

Dreaming Knight The Little hero

Lots of gold. Smash hordes of monsters, dodge endless waves of bullets, collect ...
Tiny King Hacked

Tiny King

All levels unlocked.Guide the tiny king through each level by solving challengin...
Mustache Time Hacked

Mustache Time

All levels open. Draw platforms across the mirrored stages and rescue the mustac...
William the Conqueror Hacked

William the Conqueror

You earn more cash.Once upon a time, there was a kingdom. In this kingdom a prin...
Deep State Hacked

Deep State

You earn money a lot faster.You have been appointed the director of National Sec...
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