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Notebook Space Wars 2 Hacked

Notebook Space Wars 2

Buying upgrades gives cash.Get in your ship, fly through the space, kill enemies...
Rude Cubes Hacked

Rude Cubes

All levels open. Drop all the cubes into the water. Blow them off the platform a...
NYPD Parking Hacked

NYPD Parking

Hit [Restart] button to unlock all levels. Drive your police car and find the si...
Red Warrior Hacked

Red Warrior

All levels open.Use your skill with mirrors to complete levels. Make crazy jumps...
Road So Far Hacked

Road So Far

You can jump in air.Help a nameless protagonist in his quest to save his late tw...
How Dare You Hacked

How Dare You

Upgrades are free.While deep in meditation, a monk is awaken by someone plucking...
Monster Squad Hacked

Monster Squad

Lots of cash.Monster Squad is an adventure RPG features over 300 items, spells, ...
Night Lights : After Dark Hacked

Night Lights : After Dark

All levels open.The hero is continuing his adventures in the streets of the nigh...
Hellspin Hacked


All levels unlocked.Not for amateurs! One of the most challenging puzzle games o...
Fishy Waters Hacked

Fishy Waters

You earn more for your fish.When her father is swallowed whole by the kraken, ou...
Awesome Mushroom Hunter Hacked

Awesome Mushroom Hunter

All guns unlocked and unlimited ammo.What an awesome day for mushroom hunting! N...
Feed Prumpa Hacked

Feed Prumpa

All levels unlocked.Prumpa the flatulent elephant is in need of his donuts, melo...
Anti Meow Force Hacked

Anti Meow Force

Upgrades are free.Help prof X to bring fish population back to normal. Eliminate...
Box Dude TD 5 Hacked

Box Dude TD 5

Lots of credits at the start of each level.Box Dude TD 5 is a space-y tower defe...
Extreme Air Wars Hacked

Extreme Air Wars

Reset score for lots of tokens.Search and destroy air enemies ... to buy some co...
Cover Orange Journey : Pirates Hacked

Cover Orange Journey : Pirates

All levels open.Help the oranges continue their journey by protecting them again...
RaggaMuffin Hacked


You can jump in air.RaggaMuffin spends the day long helping everybody by the Red...
Balloons vs Zombies 3 Hacked

Balloons vs Zombies 3

All levels unlocked.Hordes of the undead are clamoring to eat your brains. Lucki...
Bunnyland Hacked


All levels open.Help the bunnies get to the carrots.
Lonely Penguin Hacked

Lonely Penguin

All levels unlocked.Use your skills and do not touch the pink penguin until you ...
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