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Jelly Truck Hacked

Jelly Truck

Levels open. Become the driver of the truck made of jelly and take part in the a...
Goat Mechanic Hacked

Goat Mechanic

Items in shop are free. Help a goat cause traffic chaos by dropping objects onto...
Snoring Before Time Hacked

Snoring Before Time

All levels unlocked. The elephant snores to loud! Wake him up with the help of t...
Gunnihilation Hacked


Infinite ammo. In this game your mission is to help this brave warrior to face a...
Stunt Karts Hacked

Stunt Karts

All cars and levels unlocked. The monkey has learned to drive and race Go Karts,...
Elventales: The Arcanery Hacked

Elventales: The Arcanery

Arcane skills are free. A long time ago in a certain Elven kingdom, a young man ...
HELLicopter Hacked


Buying gives cash. Your mission is to destroy the enemy ground forces, air and s...
Ballistica Hacked


Infinite ammo. Prepare for battle as you take command of your tank and engage in...
Rodent Racer Hacked

Rodent Racer

Levels unlocked. Help the mouse to drive the car and complete each track before ...
Flugtag Racing 2 Hacked

Flugtag Racing 2

Upgrades are free. Upgrade and customize your car and take it to the road to sho...
Monsterland 4 Hacked

Monsterland 4

All levels available. Solve the interesting puzzles to help the children get to ...
Kawairun Hacked


You do not die unless you fall into pitholes. Run as fast as you can, avoid the ...
Bronko Hacked


Crows do not kill you anymore. Bronko is a small blue cat who flies through the ...
Rise Of The Titans 2 Hacked

Rise Of The Titans 2

Upgrades are free. Destroy the human settlements as you play the mighty monster,...
Demons Down Under Hacked

Demons Down Under

Blacksmith upgrades are free. Dig deep underneath the garden to save the sister ...
Sacrifire Hacked


All levels and minions unlocked. Use your skills and minions to pass the guards ...
El Papel Hacked

El Papel

All levels open. This desperate wrestler is missing toilet paper. Help him to ge...
Climbo Hacked


All levels unlocked. Turn the world to find the solution.
Sheep Vs Aliens 2 Zero Hacked

Sheep Vs Aliens 2 Zero

Levels unlocked. The sheep are back! Take revenge on the green aliens who kidnap...
Stealthbound Level Pack Hacked

Stealthbound Level Pack

Levels unlocked. You need all the tricks you can imagine if you want to escape t...
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