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Break Bricks Hacked

Break Bricks

A lot more lives. Bounce the ball up and break all bricks in a level to continu...
Clash of Goblins Hacked

Clash of Goblins

Killing goblins gives 10x more money. Destroy the invading monsters from your to...
Gangster's Way Hacked

Gangster's Way

Stuff in shop is free and has no level requirement. Play as a gangster and drive...
Glue Knight Hacked

Glue Knight

You can jump a lot higher and falling does not kill you. Keep the Glue Knight sa...
Rubpix Hacked


Lots of gold. Mach the given picture.
Greenie Hacked


All levels unlocked. You are a strange green creature with a special power. Run,...
Screw Adventures Hacked

Screw Adventures

All levels unlocked. The poor screw has lost his darling nut and he wants her ba...
Tesla Defense 2 Hacked

Tesla Defense 2

Lots of money. Battle waves of enemies to protect your base.
The Great Magician's Curse Hacked

The Great Magician's Curse

All levels unlocked. Help the magician escape creepy dungeons after another tric...
The Last Dinosaurs Hacked

The Last Dinosaurs

Buying items adds gold. Help the last dinosaur survive a massive asteroid attack...
Viking Valore Hacked

Viking Valore

You earn more money. Retrieve the wondrous gem from the greedy king and return i...
9 Game Hacked

9 Game

All levels unlocked. Add and subtract so that the last number on the board is 9....
Steam Rogue.  Hacked

Steam Rogue.

Infinite stream. Play as steam-powered gentleman thiefbot Otto Von Steamingberg ...
Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story Hacked

Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

All levels open. Bob's bedtime story traps him in another world filled with...
Robot Initiate Work Sequence Hacked

Robot Initiate Work Sequence

You collect a lot more energy. Manage your team of robots to gather resources an...
Rage of War Hacked

Rage of War

Lots of cash. Combine items and create unique vehicles, unlock achievements and ...
Robo Trobo Hacked

Robo Trobo

All levels unlocked. Help the robot solve the puzzles and fix engine that keeps ...
Mad Truck Challenge Hacked

Mad Truck Challenge

Buying gives cash. Build a fire-breathing monster truck and challenge the opposi...
Keep the Beat Hacked

Keep the Beat

Zombies have less life. Keep you hard beat up by eating zombies hearts out!
Bomb of Love Hacked

Bomb of Love

All levels open. You're a zombie called Kem. Your wife Val has been kidnapp...
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