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Ancient Planet Hacked

Ancient Planet

Upgrades are free.Ancient Planet, Bastion of ancient civilization, a keeper of g...
Decision 3 Hacked

Decision 3

Life regenerates instantly while out of combat.Another city taken over with an e...
Cluck-O-Nauts Hacked


All levels unlocked.Shoot off the egg in space, reaching the rocket in each leve...
Cemetery Guard Hacked

Cemetery Guard

All levels unlocked.Clear out the undead while guarding the cemetery as an under...
Light the Lamps Hacked

Light the Lamps

All levels open.Turn all the lights by linking individual atoms.
Tank Rage in Zombie City Hacked

Tank Rage in Zombie City

Upgrades are free.The evil undead are about to take over the city! Only you and ...
Piggy Wiggy Hacked

Piggy Wiggy

All levels unlocked.Help the pigs collect all of the acorns by linking objects a...
Zombie Incursion Hacked

Zombie Incursion

Upgrades are free. Equip yourself and eradicate the zombies !
Happy Mart Hacked

Happy Mart

Liking sponsors on facebook gives a lot of cash.The Happy mart is now open! Buil...
Fishtopia Tycoon Hacked

Fishtopia Tycoon

Equipment is free.Breed and catch fish to grow your company and become a real Fi...
Epic Combo Redux Hacked

Epic Combo Redux

Stuff in shop is free.You want even epic-er combos? Revisit the classic Epic Com...
Shot Firer Hacked

Shot Firer

All levels unlocked.Use explosives as you search a series of mines for buried tr...
Awesome Run Hacked

Awesome Run

Everything in store is free.World championship started! Create your runner, buy ...
Chompy  Hacked


All levels unlocked.Help this greedy crocodile collect all the coins in each lev...
Zombo Buster Rising Hacked

Zombo Buster Rising

Buying upgrades gives cash.Zombo Buster has finished their mission a while ago w...
Go Go Goblin 2 Hacked

Go Go Goblin 2

Free upgrades.Help the goblin reach a treasure chest by launching it into the di...
Colorful Ghosts Hacked

Colorful Ghosts

All levels unlocked.Help these goofy ghosts reach the goal, and avoid any meddle...
Less than twenty Hacked

Less than twenty

All levels available.Move the correct number to the solution field. If there is ...
Reaper Jr Hacked

Reaper Jr

5x more lives. Enjoy collecting candies in this old school arcade halloween game...
Burning Scarecrow Hacked

Burning Scarecrow

Infinite matches.Try to burn as many scarecrows as you can !
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