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Zombie Demolisher 2 Hacked

Zombie Demolisher 2

All levels open. Kill the zombies by means of demolition balls thrown down from ...
Try Harder Hacked

Try Harder

Spikes , lava and acid dont kill you anymore.A brave ninja is running. He does n...
Sushi Cat-a-pult Hacked

Sushi Cat-a-pult

Buying upgrades gives cash.Launch the cat as far as you can in Sushi Catapult !
Inflatable Basterds Hacked

Inflatable Basterds

All levels open and lots of stars (cash).Inflatable Bastards, you have been susp...
Vanguards 2 Hacked

Vanguards 2

All levels unlocked.When the alien race known as screech invaded, earths mightie...
Airbender 2 Hacked

Airbender 2

All levels open.Use the powers of nature and be a real god! Kill them all !
Monsters Wheels 2 Hacked

Monsters Wheels 2

All cars unlocked and cars and upgrades free.Earn money to upgrade your vehicle....
Wonder Defender Hacked

Wonder Defender

Building is free.Defend your castle from invading monsters.
London T-rex Hacked

London T-rex

All levels and monsters unlocked.Wreak havoc in London as a T-rex ! Eat people ,...
Wacky Pirate Hacked

Wacky Pirate

Upgrades are free. Destroy your competitors ships and recover your cash !
Spy Jet Hacked

Spy Jet

Buying gives cash.Have you always wanted to be a top spy agent? Spy Jet is your ...
Stick Squad 3 Hacked

Stick Squad 3

Everything in shop is free.The 3rd episode in this stick sniper series. Be a tru...
Sentry Knight Conquest Hacked

Sentry Knight Conquest

Spells have no cooldown.Take control of The Marksman and blast through hordes of...
Motor Beast Hacked

Motor Beast

Upgrades are free.Hop in your Motor Beast, turn the engine on and drive it in hi...
Arrows and Horns Hacked

Arrows and Horns

All levels unlocked.This hunter really has his work cut out for him. Could you h...
Kill The Plumber Hacked

Kill The Plumber

All levels and worlds open. It is payback time! Play as the enemies of Mario and...
Drillionaire Hacked


Upgrades are free.Who wants to be a Drillionaire? Dig for treasure in the new Te...
Untangle Hacked


All levels unlocked.Untangle all the lines so that no two lines are crossing eac...
Greenie 2 Hacked

Greenie 2

You are invincible.Greenie is back. You must help greenie collect all the stars ...
Smash Car Clicker Hacked

Smash Car Clicker

You earn a lot more money. Jump up and down on the car roof to destroy it. Earn ...
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