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Cover Orange Journey : Pirates Hacked

Cover Orange Journey : Pirates

All levels open.Help the oranges continue their journey by protecting them again...
RaggaMuffin Hacked


You can jump in air.RaggaMuffin spends the day long helping everybody by the Red...
Balloons vs Zombies 3 Hacked

Balloons vs Zombies 3

All levels unlocked.Hordes of the undead are clamoring to eat your brains. Lucki...
Bunnyland Hacked


All levels open.Help the bunnies get to the carrots.
Lonely Penguin Hacked

Lonely Penguin

All levels unlocked.Use your skills and do not touch the pink penguin until you ...
Feed Us Happy Hacked

Feed Us Happy

A lot more free blood when sharing/liking on facebook. Swim as the hungry tiny p...
Eat Rockets 2 Wizard Hacked

Eat Rockets 2 Wizard

All levels unlocked.The golems have captured the magic kingdom. This brave wizar...
Giraffe Hero Hacked

Giraffe Hero

Levels unlocked.Throw stones and break cages to free the animals. Try to destroy...
Dino Shift 2 Hacked

Dino Shift 2

All levels open.Change the color of your dinosaur to collect blocks of the same ...
Gravity Den Hacked

Gravity Den

All levels unlocked.Control the hero by changing gravity around. Find keys and r...
Yakuza Rising Hacked

Yakuza Rising

Infinite ammo.Lead a Yakuza ninja through the city and kill all enemies on your ...
Epic Boss Fighter Hacked

Epic Boss Fighter

Upgrades are free. Earth is under threat by 10 of the most epic bosses known to ...
Rise of The Titans Hacked

Rise of The Titans

You earn 10x more money.Have you ever dreamt about being a giant monster and ram...
Blood Bath Avenue 2 Hacked

Blood Bath Avenue 2

Skills are free.Reach the bunker safely, while fighting off hordes of zombies. P...
Defence of the portal Hacked

Defence of the portal

Weapons are free.Defend your portal against a variety of monsters coming towards...
Dig to China Hacked

Dig to China

Everything in shop is free.Dig billions of blocks on your way to China. Collect ...
O-shaped Ninjas Hacked

O-shaped Ninjas

Infinite cuts.Avenge your ninja clan by literally slashing thru enemies.
Vehicles 3 : Car Toons Hacked

Vehicles 3 : Car Toons

All levels open.Your objective is to start and stop engines of several rescue ca...
Paint Over Hacked

Paint Over

All levels unlocked.Collect all the keys and reach the exit in each level. Be ca...
Cat on a Dolphin Hacked

Cat on a Dolphin

Infinite air.Help the poor kitty make its way across the water by riding a dolph...
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