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Colorful ! Hacked

Colorful !

All levels open. Help the little blockie painter match and mix colors.
The Enchanted Cave 2 Hacked

The Enchanted Cave 2

You earn a lot more xp.Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply...
Retroacan Hacked


You are invincible.Your city has always been perfectly normal until today. Indee...
Fine Slice Hacked

Fine Slice

All levels unlocked.Cut the shape into several parts in the correct proportions.
Boomerang Chang Hacked

Boomerang Chang

Your boomerang does not hurt you anymore. Standing on top of the famous Little N...
Tangerine Tycoon Hacked

Tangerine Tycoon

You earn 100x more money.Harvest and grow a tangerine empire in this addictive i...
My Friend Pedro Arena Hacked

My Friend Pedro Arena

Unlocking levels is free. Weapons and ammo are free. An exciting re-imagining of...
Pre-Civilization Bronze Age Hacked

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Buildings are free. Build up your army in the Mesopotamian Middle East between 6...
Awesome Ranger Hacked

Awesome Ranger

All levels unlocked. All of the fairies in the blocky nature park have been trap...
Shop Empire 3 Hacked

Shop Empire 3

Buildings and upgrades are free.Be ready to become a true king and build the gre...
Shitstorm Hacked


You can shoot infinitely and lasers are the only ones that damage you.Take to th...
Flying Pigs Hacked

Flying Pigs

All levels unlocked.Use magic to shrink yourself, fly, astral project and summon...
Castle Knight Hacked

Castle Knight

Buying adds cash.The princess is in trouble! Her castle is under attack from str...
Switch Bot Hacked

Switch Bot

Keep [UP] pressed to fly.Lost on an unfamiliar planet, Switch Bot needs to get h...
Empire Defender 3 Hacked

Empire Defender 3

Buying upgrades gives coins.Defend your base from massive invasion of monsters, ...
Rats Invasion 2 Hacked

Rats Invasion 2

All levels open. Rats have invaded your house! Launch projectiles to eliminate a...
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2 Hacked

Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2

All levels open. Use your stick to shoot the puck over obstructive objects into ...
Disease Warrior Rampage Hacked

Disease Warrior Rampage

Upgrading gives cash. In every drop of liquid millions of humans fight for their...
Dreaming Knight Dreaming Knight The Little hero Hacked

Dreaming Knight Dreaming Knight The Little hero

Lots of gold. Smash hordes of monsters, dodge endless waves of bullets, collect ...
Tiny King Hacked

Tiny King

All levels unlocked.Guide the tiny king through each level by solving challengin...
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